Assessing Your Used Phone's Condition: How to Get the Best Price

Posted on | 15th Apr 2024 02:18:01

Assessing Your Used Phone's Condition: How to Get the Best Price

If you're looking to sell your used phone, understanding its condition is key to maximising your payout. Whether you're using an online buyback service or selling privately, buyers will scrutinise your phone's state to determine its value. Here's what to examine:

Cosmetic Condition

  • Scratches: Check the screen, back, and sides for scratches. Minor scratches are expected, but deep gouges will lower your phone's value.
  • Dents and Dings: Any dents or chips on the frame will also affect its worth.
  • Screen condition: A cracked or heavily scratched screen significantly impacts value.


  • Buttons and Ports: Ensure all buttons work correctly and the charging port and headphone jack (if applicable) are functional.
  • Camera: Test both front and rear cameras for clear images and proper focusing.
  • Speakers and Microphone: Play music and make a test call to verify sound quality.
  • Touchscreen: Check for responsiveness across the entire screen, with no dead zones.
  • Water Damage: Check for water damage indicators (usually small stickers inside the charging port or SIM tray that change colour when wet).

Other Factors

  • Original Accessories: Including the original box, charger, and any unused headphones will increase the phone's value.
  • Unlocked Status: Unlocked phones command a higher price than carrier-locked ones.
  • Battery Health: Although not always a dealbreaker, a battery in good health is a bonus.

Be Honest with Your Assessment

Accurately describing your used phone's condition is crucial. Overstating its quality can lead to disputes and frustration. It's best to be transparent upfront.

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