Device Diagnostics: Simple Tests to Check Your Device's Health Before Selling

Posted on | 9th May 2024 11:47:00

Device Diagnostics: Simple Tests to Check Your Tech's Health Before Selling

Maximising the value of your used phone, tablet, or laptop requires understanding its overall condition. Simple diagnostic checks can help you identify potential issues and get the best possible price.

Pre-Sale Diagnostic Checklist

  • Visual Inspection: Examine for scratches, dents, or any signs of damage.
  • Button and Port Check: Test all buttons, charging ports, and headphone jacks for functionality.
  • Screen Test: Check for cracks, unresponsive areas, or dead pixels.
  • Battery Health: (iPhone) Go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health to see "Maximum Capacity."
  • Camera Test: Take photos and videos using front and rear cameras.
  • Speaker & Microphone Test: Play music and make a test call.

Additional Tips

  • Water Damage Check: Look for color changes inside charging ports and SIM trays (small stickers that change color when wet).
  • Software Test: Ensure it runs the latest OS version and that apps function correctly.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

If you find issues, consider:

  • DIY Fixes: Online tutorials exist, but only attempt repairs if you're confident.
  • Professional Repair: Get quotes if the potential sale price justifies the repair cost.

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