Locked vs. Unlocked: Understanding the Difference for Selling Your Phone

Posted on | 25th Apr 2024 15:47:32

Locked vs. Unlocked: Understanding the Difference When Selling Your Phone

When selling your used phone, the terms "locked" and "unlocked" are crucial, as they significantly impact its value and potential buyer pool. Let's break down what they mean:

1. Locked Phones

  • Tied to a Carrier: Locked phones are sold by carriers (e.g., Telstra, Optus) and are restricted to that specific network.
  • Subsidised Costs: Carriers often offer locked phones at discounted prices with contracts.
  • Restricted Usage: You cannot easily use a locked phone with a different Australian carrier or while traveling overseas.

2. Unlocked Phones

  • Network Freedom: Unlocked phones can be used with any compatible carrier, both domestically and internationally.
  • Greater Resale Value: Unlocked phones command higher prices due to their flexibility.
  • Usually More Expensive Initially: Unlocked phones typically don't come with contract discounts.

Unlocking a Locked Phone

You may be able to unlock your phone if you meet your carrier's requirements, typically:

  • Contract completion
  • Account in good standing
  • Possible unlocking fee

Why Does This Matter When Selling?

  • Price: Unlocked phones attract more buyers and therefore fetch better prices.
  • Speed of Sale: Unlocked phones sell faster due to a larger potential buyer pool.

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