Lost Charger? Incomplete Box? Can You Still Sell Your Device?

Posted on | 6th May 2024 15:22:19

Lost Charger? Incomplete Box? Can You Still Sell Your Device?

Thinking of selling your used phone or tablet, but unsure if missing accessories hinder the sale? The good news is, you can often still get a decent price even with incomplete items. Let's break it down:

What Impacts the Value?

  • Device Condition: Cosmetic and functional condition are the biggest factors.
  • Model and Demand: Popular devices hold their value better.
  • Missing Charger: This will impact the price, but not drastically.
  • Missing Box & Other Accessories: These add value, but their absence is not a dealbreaker.

What If You Still Have the Box & Some Accessories?

Include everything you have! Even partial original packaging and accessories can sweeten the deal and fetch a higher price.

Get the Best Possible Price – Even With Incomplete Items

ManMade Cycle (https://buyback.manmadecycle.com.au) understands that accessories sometimes go missing. We offer fair prices for used iPhones, tablets, and other devices.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive Pricing: We stay up-to-date with the latest market values.
  • Convenient Process: Selling your device is quick and simple.
  • Excellent Reputation: We pride ourselves on happy customers.

Ready to Sell?

Visit ManMade Cycle (https://buyback.manmadecycle.com.au) today. Get a free, no-obligation quote and see what your device is worth, even without all the original accessories.