Moving or Traveling? Sell Your Devices Before You Go for Extra Cash

Posted on | 25th Apr 2024 15:58:16

Moving or Traveling? Sell Your Devices Before You Go for Extra Cash

Whether you're embarking on a big move or an extended trip, decluttering and lightening your load can make the process smoother. Turning unused devices into cash is a smart way to offset travel costs or furnish your new place. Here's why it makes sense:

Why Sell Old Electronics Before a Move?

  • Packing and Shipping: Electronics can be bulky and add to moving costs.
  • Risk of Damage: Fragile devices might get damaged during transit.
  • Extra Cash: Selling unwanted devices puts additional spending money in your pocket.
  • Fresh Start: A move is a perfect time to upgrade or streamline your tech.

What About Long-Term Travel?

  • Security: Leaving unused devices behind could be a security risk.
  • Outdated Technology: Electronics depreciate quickly – sell and upgrade when you return.
  • Funding Your Adventure: Every dollar counts when traveling for an extended period.

Types of Devices to Consider Selling

  • Old Phones: Upgrade before you go and sell your old smartphone.
  • Unused Tablets & Laptops: If you haven't used it in months, turn it into travel money.
  • Gaming Consoles: Not planning to game on the road? Consider selling.
  • Smart Home Gadgets: If they don't fit your new place, sell them.

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