Secure Data Hard Drive Destruction

Ensuring data privacy is paramount in our digital age, and at ManMade Cycle, we’re devoted to guaranteeing your information is irreversibly destroyed.

We furnish a meticulous approach to hard drive shredding, providing both on-site and in-facility data eradication services. Every hard drive we handle is subject to a thorough serial number recording and verification process, all under the unwavering watch of our 24-hour HD CCTV surveillance, adhering to our stringent operational protocols.

For situations demanding an extra layer of security—such as those involving highly sensitive information—we provide a top-secret-level shredding solution, compliant with the NSA and CSS standards. 

Moreover, ManMade Cycle doesn’t just stop at data destruction. We’re committed to a sustainable future and ensure that all components from your shredded hard drive, including metals, plastics, and glass, are recycled appropriately, blending secure data management with environmental responsibility. Our team would be able to offer asset disposition service after physical drive destruction as well. 

Please reach out to hear more about our physical data destruction and our innovative IT asset disposal services through

*Please note we currently operate in Melbourne and Greater Victoria. We are looking to expand our operations in NSW very shortly.

*We can destroy
Hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSD’s), USB’s / flash memory drives and PCB Boards.